Saturday 21st January 2012

I had some of the ladies I used to work with over for afternoon tea today. Everyone arrived with a plate each and as usual, it was too much food!

I put together a platter.

Mum made sushi for us.
Check out the gorgeous little rabbits she made with the cherry tomatos!

I toasted some pane di casa rolls with fresh basil, sliced tomatoes and bocconcini.

Eileen's Curried Eggs

Alice's Oyster Roll

I made some fresh Guacamole.

Gorgeous heart shaped bread!

A work colleague is back in Perth for the summer and she came over to hold a Masterclass in my kitchen. So cool! Her mum makes this dish and she brought me some leftovers once and it was awesome!


I bought the marrows from my local fruit and veg store and Nadine set to work removing the insides with some specialised tools. They're similar to apple corers except the metal bit that goes into the apple is more slender and longer. I need to find me some of these tools!

Once the insides are all removed, we made the stuffing. We panfried some good quality beef mince until it was just cooked with a dash of olive oil and some of Nadine's Mum's special blend of spices. We added the beef to some rice that had been washed and rinsed.

We arranged the stuffed marrows into a heavy set pot, poured in some chicken stock and placed some slices of fresh tomato in. We slowly boiled them with the lid on for about an hour (I think!) until the marrows were done and the rice was cooked and beginning to spill out from the cavities in the marrows.

We served them with fresh natural yoghurt.


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