Sunday 12th February 2012

This morning I woke up to the aroma of bacon. Lisa had breakfast ready for me! She's such a good wife.

Poached Eggs, Bacon & Toast

The fresh chives were a really nice touch!

We headed out in eager anticipation of catching heaps of crabs! We kayaked out into the estuary to drop some nets but even with bricks to weigh them down, the under current was too strong and we spent most of our time paddling after our nets to haul them back in.

We spent the next few hours trudging up and down the estuary with scoop nets but with no luck either. It was too early in the day. I caught an undersized one, which I threw back. And a dead one.

Downheartedly, we packed up the kayaks and headed in search for lunch. It was about five minutes to noon when we drove through the Macdonalds drive thru and we asked if we could get the $2 Quarter Pounder yet. The drive thru attendant told us that he wasn't allowed to serve them to us until after 12 noon. So, we each bought a 50c cone and parked in one of the car bays to eat them and then headed through the drive thru again after 12 noon.

$2 Quarter Pounders!

We headed home to Perth in the afternoon, crabless.

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