Monday 5th March 2012


We woke this morning - all with no hangovers - and ordered room service breakfast. The Intercontinental had given us some room credit and what better way to use it than on food!

Yenno's Congee

Shallen and I had Big Breakfasts!

After checking out, we went to Bugis to do some last minute shopping and get lunch. We bumped into Benoit and Ivy (woo! good timing!!) and had lunch together. It's always so tough trying to decide what to eat for your last meal in Singapore. I wandered back and forth so many times, I was worried that I'd run out of time to actually eat the food before we had to head to the airport!

I settled on some Biryani with Kang Kong, Okra and Vegetable Curry.

We shared some Popiah.

At the airport we scrounged around for loose change to buy a snack before boarding the plane.

Roast Duck Noodles in the Budget Terminal.

Aah...Singapore - till next time!

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