Saturday 24th March 2012

I have discovered an awesome place for sushi at Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre - Sushi Sushi!

They have a great range of prepackaged sushi, sashimi and individual pieces and rolls. They look very fresh and you can see the sushi chefs making them behind the display. The prices aren't bad either!

Combination Set

Burswood Entertainment Complex

Tonight we went for dinner at the newly refurbished Atrium. Yes, it's been a while since they reopened but tonight is the first time for me to go since then. I have heard the revamped buffet is good and I have been really keen to try it!

Round One

Round Two

Round Three - Peking Duck (we shared these!)

We got one of every kind of dessert to share.

I have to say, we were rather disappointed with the sweets.
Nothing tasted great. The mousse was bland. The profiteroles weren't that great.
Not happy with the quality of the desserts at all!

We made ourselves a cheese platter to share.

Overall, loved the buffet. It's a pity that we could only get a reservation during the first seating so we felt really rushed. The staff began setting the tables for the next seating while we were still trying to just enjoy the rest of our wine. It was even worse when they started vacuuming around us. We understand that we need to be out by a certain time for the next dinner seating, but we all ended up in a massive queue to pay our bill when we could have enjoyed another fifteen minutes or so sipping our wine. Perhaps they should look into allowing people to settle their bills at the table so that they can just simply walk out of the restaurant when they're done.

Oh, and I broke out in hives later that night from all the prawns that I ate hee hee - when will I learn!?

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