Saturday 3rd March 2012


This morning I checked into the Intercontinental Hotel at Bugis with Shallen and Yenno. I've really been looking forward to this GIRLS WEEKEND! What better way to kickstart it than to head over to Sentosa and enjoy the Spa Botanica day spa!

After our relaxing massage treatments, we wandered over to the restaurant and sat by the pool. Befitting the tropical setting, it began to drizzle and we felt our stresses melt away. I love the healthy, organic food that the restaurant offers. Perfect to compliment our day spa treatments!

They served us fresh, warm bread rolls with a yoghurt dip. Yum!

I had the Scallops entree.

For my mains I had the Pasta with roasted vegetables.

Shallen and Yenno had the pizzas.

After saying good bye to one of my favourite places in Singapore, we drove across the bridge to Vivo City for some shopping and an afternoon snack at Food Republic.

Hainanese Chicken Rice!

Prior to leaving Perth, we'd made reservations for dinner at one of Singapore's many restaurants for a night of wining and dining. Yenno did the difficult task of narrowing our choices down to about three restaurants and we picked this place because of the name...and I liked the look of their website!

the White Rabbit
39C Harding Road, Singapore

The place looked absolutely charming! It used to be a church or chapel and they've refurbished the entire place to turn it into a gorgeous French restaurant. The tables and booths were widely spaced so you're not bumping shoulders with patrons from the next table. The waiters were also able to walk around freely and the service was what you would expect from a fine dining restaurant. I love the service in Singapore restaurants!!

We started with a round of cocktails!/center>

Fresh bread rolls and butter!

I couldn't decide what I wanted for entree. Two things I love to eat in a French restaurant are - foie gras I love the most and escargot comes in at second because I don't think there is anywhere in Perth that does it so I eat it in Singapore when I can. However, tonight I saw that they had steak tartare on the menu and I have always wanted to try it! Soooo...I ordered two entrees!

Steak Tartare
seasoned and served raw, soft quail eggs, petite mesclun, frites

O. M. G. I love love loved this! The meat was so delicious...I do have a thing for raw meat! I didn't realise the quail eggs were encased within the meat so when I sliced through with my knife, a little squirt of egg yolk went over the front of my dress!

Escargots à la Bourguignonne
garlic parsley butter, toast

I was soooo looking forward to eating escargot tonight! Except when the dish arrived, I had a flashback to the giant snail we had seen at Spa Botanica earlier in the day when we went for our day spa treatments and I was instantly horrified at the thought of eating these snails! I had to wrap each piece with a bit of the bread or the chips that came with my steak tartare. I got through them all!

Shallen had the Beef Consommé
oxtail and mushroom tortellini

Yenno had the Lobster Bisque
poached lobster, butternut squash purée

For our mains...

Yenno had the Stuffed Boneless Quail
foie gras, mushroom duxelle, roasted asparagus, morel sauce

Shallen had the Black Olive Sea Bass
tapenade crust, haricots verts, sauce vierge

We had to ask the waiter what 'haricots verts''s green beans!

I couldn't resist the Tournedos Rossini
filet mignon, seared foie gras, shaved black truffle, pomme purée,
spring vegetables, truffle sauce

*DROOL* The steak was oh so so soooo tender and cooked to perfection - medium rare. The potato mash was awesome! The broccolini still had a crunch to them for that texture. And I savoured my little piece of foie gras resting on the top of the steak.

Heaven on a plate.

I barely had room for dessert but whenever I see brulee on the menu, I have to order it!

The White Rabbit Crème Brûlée
with summer berries

Shallen had the Chocolate Fondant Cake
vanilla ice cream, summer berries

Yenno ordered the Crêpes Suzette and the manager personally flambéed them for her =P

Oh my, after a huge and ultra-satisfying dinner, we headed off to the New Asia bar at the Swissotel for drinks and dancing!

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