Saturday 16th June 2012

Lisa invited me over for lunch today. She made a gorgeous salad with capsicums she'd roasted herself and bocconcini.


The kitchen was warm and full of the lovely smells of homecooking when I arrived. We poured the wine and gathered around for the first of Benoit's creations.

Fish & Chips Pizza

O.M.G. This was the pizza of the night! The little pieces of fish (I think it was barramundi) were battered and deep fried before being added to the pizza where there were already very thinly sliced potato 'chips'. A squeeze of fresh lime and it was absolute heaven!

Peking Duck Pizza

This pizza was also delicious! We were focusing on eating the gorgeous toppings and discarding the turkish bread so that we could have room for the third pizza!

I think this was a Chicken & Mushroom Pizza

With lots of cheese!

We had a clear winner tonight. The FISH AND CHIP PIZZA!

Princess Cake...

...and Apple Strudel for dessert!

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