Friday 22nd June 2012

Tonight I went to Mum's and helped her make Chinese Rice Dumplings. It's a tradition to make these rice dumplings once a year. I don't know what it is in celebration of and I'm too lazy to google it, but I do look forward to eating these every year!

I remember trying to help Mum wrap the dumplings many years ago but I only attempted a few and have been wanting to help her with them since but I've always been working or out when she decides to make them. They take an evening of preparation, then wrapping and then boiling.

It was rather enjoyable sitting there in the kitchen learning how to do them. I don't think Mum is ready to part with her recipe for cooking the separate components just yet, but she was rather chuffed that I was taking the time to let her teach me how to wrap the dumplings.

Pork belly, chestnuts, yellow lentils, dried shrimp, shitake mushrooms.

I became rather efficient at wrapping them.

They need to boil for several hours and Mum tells me that about three of them burst in the water...they must have been ones that I did...

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