Tuesday 19th June 2012

Sometimes I feel like something really simple for dinner. Especially in the winter months when it's freezing cold and pouring buckets outside. It's nice to snuggle on the couch and eat something that's warm and filling.

Something that I grew up eating and still love to eat is rice porridge. It's the ultimate comfort food and being Asian, I grew up with it. Mum always made rice porridge for me when I was sick or just feeling a little under the weather. Even when I still lived at home the last the several years, whenever I was hungover on a Saturday or Sunday morning, I would stumble into the kitchen, ask Mum to make some rice porridge and then go back to bed and sleep in until it was ready.

Rice Porridge with Scallops and Fermented Chilli Bean Curd.
Garnished with Deep Fried Shallots and fresh Spring Onions.

I have really been getting stuck into these large imported scallops that I buy frozen from the local Asian grocer. Even though they are frozen, I can throw them into the rice porridge while they're still frozen, or into soups, and they are so soft and tender to eat when they're cooked. Not tough or dry at all. Juicy!

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