Thursday 30th August 2012

Ursula brought in these gorgeous homemade dumplings today at work. Good thing Brendan wasn't at work today...there wouldn't have been any left! Some where vegetarian and some were beef and cheese. Yummo!


Hand harvested brown rice with marron, mussels and saffron.

My gosh, I didn't think I would be able to get through so much rice, but I couldn't stop eating...the flavours were absolutely amazing! And I loved the texture of the rice. It was cooked perfectly. Not gluggy or undercooked. Just perfect. Would have liked a bit more seafood though!

Orange blossom frozen yoghurt with lilly pilly berries.

The frozen yoghurt was divine and refreshing. However, it was really well hidden beneath alot of fruit. I had to keep digging but only managed to get a bit of the frozen yoghurt out before I gave up. It was such a large serve too! I would have liked it better if they just gave me a scoop of the yoghurt with a few slices of the fruit on the side.

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