Friday 2nd November 2012

78 Terrace Road, East Perth

One of my friends is dating a Persian gentleman and has since been indulging in all things Persian! I haven't dined at a Persian establishment before and was eager to see what the cuisine was like. I've eaten some Iranian dishes and I was sure I would enjoy the food tonight.

There were many Iranians/Persians dining in the restaurant when we arrived so that is always a good sign! Marissa and I ordered a few dishes to share.

Saffron & Barberry Rice with Chicken

As Marissa showed me, you have to stir the butter through the hot rice. I loved the fragrant aromas from the dishes we ordered. Subtle but warm and inviting. Lots of saffron!

It isn't very pretty to look at on the plate, but it tastes great!

I couldn't fit in dessert but ordered it anyways.

After the meal, I was full and content. But, I have to admit, I did miss my spice. The food was full of subtle sweet flavours and so beautifully aromatic, but I missed having some heat with it. Gimme my chillies!

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