Tuesday 11th December 2012

Tonight I had a few friends over for dinner. The main course was Chicken Enchiladas and I then continued the Mexican theme for the sides. I made a simple garden salad and a corn salsa. I love making a corn salsa with a can of sweet corn kernels, some finely diced capsicum, red onion and maybe throw in some cannelini beans. I season it with some ground cumin and coriander and sweet paprika. No need for dressing! Perhaps a dash of olive oil or white balsamic vinegar.

Mini Pavlovas for dessert!

After dinner, Yeno stayed behind to help me make some gingerbread dough. After much deliberation, we finally decided to roll out, cut and bake at least the pieces for one gingerbread house to make sure the dough was ok. She went home at about midnight and I stayed up another few hours to bake the rest of the dough. Might as well...it'll be too warm to bake during the day.

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