Monday 21st September '09

Last night I dreamt that I was making breakfast. I was making toast, and then buttering it and spreading jam on. I love butter and jam on toast, although I'm not much of a toast person for breakfast.

When I was younger, I tried skipping breakfast before school, much to Mum's annoyance. I just didn't like to eat anything for breakfast. When we went on family holidays to Singapore, I remember that while Christina and Jocelyn were busy pigging out on the cakes and breads that my Aunty or Mum would bring home fresh from the markets in the mornings, I was after the nasi lemak. Or the leftover noodles from dinner. Or the hot rice porridge that they made for me.

During highschool and the early uni years, I started to eat "breakfast", which usually consisted of microwaved leftovers from the previous night's dinner. Sure, I liked cereal. But I would eat cereal, without milk, at night by the bowlfuls infront of the computer as if they were popcorn. My favourites were those weet-bix with fruit from Sanitarium. I'd have to wash those down with a glass of milk.

Even now, I always eat when I wake up, whether it be in the morning or afternoon, depending on the shift I'm on. But I will always eat something for 'breakfast'. It's usually heated leftovers from last night, as you would have noticed. dream. Yes, I dreamt that I was making the toast with butter and strawberry jam. I also dished up bacon and eggs and by the time I woke up, I was craving a big breakfast. I didn't have time though, so I made do with half my dream.

Wholemeal Toast with Butter & Strawberry Jam

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