Sunday 20th September '09

Today we had a BBQ to celebrate Ivy's birthday. The weather danced between sunny and overcast, with a few bouts of drizzle inbetween. We were all beneath the patio, sitting as close to the BBQ as we could for warmth.

These pork pastries were soooo yummy!
I don't know who made them - Benoit's dad!?

Upon request to make a salad, I roasted some pumpkin last night, then this morning threw the cold pieces into a container with fresh rocket, sliced red onion and pinenuts. I made dressing with some olive oil, honey and balsamic vinegar. I had to heat the dressing in the microwave for about twenty seconds to melt the honey before I could pour it onto the salad. Yum! Would have been really good with some goat cheese or fetta.

The photos I took while outside under the patio are gorgeous! I love taking photos in natural lighting. However, my photos of Ivy cutting her cake inside aren't that great - I've discovered that whenever I use the flash, a wisp of smoke comes out. Even though the warranty holds out until December, I doubt I'll be able to get it repaired here in Perth because I bought the camera in Singapore. *doh* I guess I'd better go shopping when I come off the night shifts.

Instant Ramen with Wantans, Chicken & Stuffed Chillies

While I was in the kitchen, I spied the empty cardboard box of ice cream sticks, so after my large bowl of noodles, I went looking in the freezer for some dessert. Yes, so at 3am in the morning I sat in my room eating an ice cream. Yum!

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