Saturday 26th September '09

1 Yampi Way, Willetton

Tonight we got together for dinner. The restaurant looked odd - a mish mash of different themes. There were sofas and coffee tables near a wood heater where patrons could snuggle up for a coffee; the usual tables for diners; an attempt to create a Thai theme; but overall rather tacky looking with a central ceiling piece of flashing Christmas lights.

The menu was also a bit of an oddity. They had the usual traditional Thai dishes, but I suppose to cater for those with other cravings, they had a section offering dishes like chicken parmiagiana, fish and chips, lamb shanks and other things you'd find in a bistro.

Now, I apologise that the quality of my photos at dinner tonight are not that great as I can't use the flash.

Satay Chicken - 9.5
char-grilled chicken skewers served with peanut sauce

Golden Bags - 9.5
minced chicken and prawn with vegetables, wrapped in pastry,
deepfried and served with sweet chilli sauce

Papaya Salad - 16
fresh grated green papaya with shrimp paste, crushed peanuts, palm sugar,
fish sauce, green beans, tomatoes and lemon juice

Gaeng Daeng - 23.5
a smooth curry with red chilli paste, coconut milk,
exotic Thai spices, with mixed vegetables and lamb

Gaeng Pah - 21
jungle curry - the only curry without coconut milk
the sauce is flavoured with ginger root, basil leaves, fresh chilli,
and served with vegetables and chicken

Phat Kapow - 24
a stirfry with mixed seafood, vegetables, garlic, chilli,
basil and topped with crispy basil leaves

Goong Makram - 26
king prawns in a sweet tamarind sauce with cashew nuts

Kao Pad Supparod - 15.5
Thai style pineapple fried rice with chicken,
cashew nuts, egg and a touch of curry powder

Steamed Jasmine Rice - 3 per serve
they came molded into the shape of a star - nice touch or tacky?

Overall I was quite satisfied with dinner. The spicy dishes were spicy. The vegetables were fresh and each dish had its own distinct flavour even if they looked similar. We were all rather happy after dinner.

Back at Ling and Shallen's place, I opened a bottle of grappa that I've have for a few years now. I remember purchasing it on Singapore Airlines on the way home from Singapore from their inflight duty free.

38% grappa with a beautifully designed bottle

The bottle contains an 'oyster and pearl'

This was good stuff. I drank half the bottle myself and felt as if I had been drinking water. My head was clear - I didn't feel that numb head-throbbing sensation that I usually feel after a few too many glasses of wine. A sure sign of good quality alcohol, which means I will not wake up with a hangover tomorrow.

Of course we got the munchies - well I instigated it. I talked everyone into prawn pizza but instead of buying it, I had some peeled prawns at home and wholemeal tortilla wraps, so I drove back to my house to pick up the ingredients.

There was a large discrepancy between the sizes of the tortillas.
I will be calling their consumer hotline to make a complaint.



  • wholemeal tortilla wraps
  • tomato paste
  • fresh parsley leaves
  • fresh basil leaves
  • grated mozzarella
  • peeled prawns sliced half lengthwise
  • bocconcini sliced
  • chilli flakes

    1. Spread the tortilla wraps with tomato paste.
    2. Sprinkle the parsley, basil and mozzarella over the base.
    3. Sprikle with the chilli flakes.
    4. Arrange the prawns and bocconcini around the base.
    5. Bake in the oven until the prawns have cooked. Should take 5-10 minutes on 180C.

    We didn't have fresh basil and it was too cold to venture outside in the garden to get some, so I used dried basil. The pizzas are so light and aside from the generous helping of cheeses, is rather healthy! Ling garnished the centre of the pizza with some lemon slices.

    We also made chicken burritos.
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