Friday 20th November '09

Morning Tea at Work
Roast Pork & Salad Sandwich with Mayo

Ling gave me his napkin from the restaurant last night, hoping that I would wear it as a crovat. I told him I'd take a photo and blog it - here it is!

"Do I look sophisticated or what?"

Lunch at Work
Spaghetti & Prawns from last night's dinner

Ling didn't eat all his carrots last night, so I added them to my leftover spaghetti in the takeaway container. Along with some fresh blueberries, it made quite a nice light lunch. On the napkin, it looks like a picnic lunch!

I was actually planning on just having a quiet night in tonight, but I changed my mind once I got home. It's Friday night and I want some company. I packed some ingredients and took them over to Noel and Fleurette's place. Fleurette and I took our babies out for a walk, then got home and made dinner. I love to cook on my own at home, with a glass of wine and some music playing. But I also enjoy cooking with friends. That's two of the reasons I love cooking so much - it's relaxing to do it on my own, yet it's also enjoyable when you do it in a social setting.

roasted garlic goats cheese
continental pork brawn
Italian proscuitto

We made some pizzas on tortillas.

tomato paste, red capsicum, red onion, mushrooms, chilli flakes, mozzarella

tomato paste, red onion, proscuitto, chilli flakes, mozzarella

After the pizzas were cooked, I garnished them with fresh basil leaves.

We also baked some wedges.


I chose a rather munted looking one.

We went to the video store and rented out Beaches for a chick flick night in.


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