Saturday 21st November '09

Instant Spicy Mushroom Ramen

Lunch at Work
Roast Pork & Salad Sandwich with Mayo
fresh Mango

Today was a whirlwind of work and then rushing home to get ready for the work Christmas party. This year it's at Burswood in the Summer Marquee. I haven't been able to attend the work party for the last few years because I've either been out of Perth or had to work and couldn't find someone to swap shifts. So, I've really really been looking forward to tonight for most of the year!

The theme is Hawaiin so I went dressed as a coconut. I made the costume out of two hanging planter liners, some twine and felt circles. I cut up a plastic folder and rolled it up to make a 'straw'. Finish the look off with a few leis.

While we were enjoying our pre-dinner drinks, a gentlemen approached our group to comment on my costume. He introduced himself as our CEO - I was gobsmacked and we were all pleasantly surprised at how down to earth and friendly he was to come and say hi to us.

I didn't realise that I would be awarded for five years of employment with the company tonight. I had to walk up to the stage wearing my coconut costume to receive my award. My gift was a coffee plunger and mug with the SJOG logo engraved on it. Nice.

The prawns on the antipasto platter were delicious! A light creamy dressing.

The food was good - the only complaint I can make is that they didn't have any lighting for the buffet. They had two identical buffet lines along the wall at both the left and right sides of the stage, but there was no lighting so we couldn't see what the food was. It was a bit of a guessing game. I only had time for this plate of food, and then I found out that there was also a seafood table in one corner of the room, so I went for a plate of prawns and oysters. I could have gone back for more, but there wasn't time to sit and peel them. It would have been the antisocial thing to do.

My little coconut baby I named Neville.

"Oh Neville, stop it! You're so funny!"

Blue Steel!

Overall, it was a fantastic night!

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