Wednesday 18th November '09

Lunch at Work
Mum's Beef & Tofu Stirfry

Cajun Crumbed Pork Chops
with Fried Cabbage

I needed to make a quick dinner before popping out to pick up the wine I ordered from the Wine River Cruise. I mixed some cajun spices into some bread crumbs (I keep a stash in the freezer). I blended an egg and then dipped each pork chop into the egg, then coated them with the cajun crumb mixture.

In a little olive oil, I pan fried the pork chops and put them into the oven on a low heat setting to finish cooking and rest while I cooked the cabbage. I fried the cabbage in the same pan, adding some water and apple cider wine vinegar. A simple, quick dinner.

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