Saturday 12th December '09

This morning was my first shift with the Red Cross volunteer gift wrapping at Myer, Carousel. The money we raise goes towards the Red Cross's Soup Kitchen programme.

When I was in school and went shopping with my parents, I would see the people gift wrapping presents near Christmas time. As I love to wrap things - and I have to say, I think I'm really good at it!! - I've always wanted to do this. Whether it was for paid work or just for fun, I've always wanted to do it. When I found out several years that it is for fundraising, I added it to my 'TO-DO-ONE-DAY' list. I was flicking through the community newspaper and came across an advert asking for volunteers for the gift wrapping. I immediately scribbled the number down and called them the next day. My roster for December this year is fantastic, so I'm having a wonderful lead-up to Christmas, with plenty of time to catch up with friends and do the things I want.

Meng wanted to help out too, so I picked him up and off we headed. It was reminiscent of the days in high school when Meng, Ling and I worked at Lenards Chicken together. Black pants, white shirt. It felt like we were going to work!

As it was our first time, and the first shift of the day, there was no one to greet us or to do hand-over, so it was all pretty much learn-as-you-go.

Our first customer of the day was a girl - with a box of chocolates that came in a christmas tree shaped tin. It was a challenge, but I think I succeeded - what do you think!?

Meng assisting our fellow volunteer with a large present!

I really enjoyed the whole experience! We were situated at the top of the stairs in Myer and so I got to say hello to people walking past. It was nice to chat to the people who were waiting while we wrapped their gifts. There was also a Masterchef demonstration to the left of us, and one of the contestants from the show was there to autograph the Masterchef cook books and to cook a fish dish. Being the foodie that I am, I just had to go and get a photo with him! It would have been wrong to let the opportunity pass.

Me and Trevor from the Masterchef TV show.

Back at home, it was so stinking hot that I really didn't know what I wanted to eat. I needed something light, yet filling. Something that would set me up for the big night out tonight.

Sunny-side up Eggs with Asparagus

A work yesterday, we were talking about how to make iced tea. So, I felt like one today. Here's how to make a really easy one when you don't have much time or if you haven't had time to make it up ahead of time.



  • 1 tea bag
  • 1 tsp white sugar
  • ice blocks
  • cold water

    1. Put the tea bag and sugar in a mug.
    2. Add about 4 Tbn hot water, enough to dissolve the sugar. Infuse for several minutes.
    3. Fill a glass with ice blocks.
    4. Add the tea mixture and top up with cold water.
    5. Serve with a wedge of lemon.

    I couldn't resist adding some Campari! Heehee!

    All the girls at work and I have been looking forward to tonight for a while now. It's the first chance all year we've had to get together outside the confines of work.

    12 Victoria Ave, Perth CBD

    We had predinner cocktails here before dinner.

    Eileen's mocktail - with a friendly froggy!

    Check out the tiger print! Rowrrr!

    MEZ Mediterranean Cuisine
    1/182 James Street, Northbridge

    All of us, but one, went with the restaurant's house special - the Meze, which is several courses of tasting plates. It's a great way to create a sense of communal dining and sharing. It's fantastic value at only $40!

    course One - Antipasto
    The antipasto arrived with a basket of warm pitta bread.

    Adrijana ordered the Moussaka

    course Two - Seafood

    The seafood was divine! The prawns were sooo succulent, the calamari and baby octopus tender, the rissoto was light.
    *Melt in the mouth!*

    Nadine says she's never really taken to baby octopus because they usually are served with the heads still attached. We urged her to try one tonight.

    The Challenge - Baby Octopus Head


    Challenge Accepted!

    The Verdict - two thumbs up!

    course Three - Meat
    The Lamb Kleftiko was soooo tender and I loved the potatoes that were hidden beneath it.
    *Melt in the mouth!*

    course Four - Dessert with Tea & Coffee
    I only had a few forkfuls of the dessert, as I was busy still eating all my leftovers from the first three courses.

    Something's not quite right in this angle...tee hee

    Yes, while everyone else's sideplates were cleared, I kept mine and added to it. Since I'm not a huge dessert person, and I eat slow when I'm out because I talk too much, I'm usually finishing off my dinner while everyone else has moved onto desserts.

    An absolutely amazing night!
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