Friday 11th December '09

I did an earlier shift today so that I could make it over to Marissa's in time to head out to the Carols by Candlelight held by the Belmont City Council. While we were getting ready to go, Teresa poured me some of the Pear Liqueur she made. Yum! With a bit more time in storage, the flavours should be much stronger. It was really really smooth and had a nice pear flavour, without the harsh aftertaste of the alcohol. I can't wait to try mine soon!


Although the weather was hot during the day, it had cooled down considerably by the time we were at the park, looking for a good spot to set up camp. Teresa picked us up dinner from the local Lebanese takeout place. They were turkish bread stuffed with lamb mince or cheese and salami. Yum! As Marissa described them, rather like a Lebanese version of the calzone.

Cheese & Salami

Lamb Mince

Me stuffing my face!

We rather disappointed that instead of being in the style of 'Carols in the Domain', it was actually much more like a school assembly. The kids were gorgeous to watch for the first half hour or so, but then they had a community choir who sang several songs which weren't the traditional carols. Everyone was getting bored and as I sat there watching, I realised we were in the centre of a field of chaos. Children were running around everywhere, waving little plastic candles with a battery operated flame, light sabres, and glow sticks. Parents were lazing back in their fold-up chairs with a glass of wine or beer. It was a rather Aussie scene. We enjoyed the sunshine, the fresh air and the few songs we were able to sing along to.

I think we were the only ones there without children.

One of the funniest moments of the night was when Santa made his way to the stage. He was accompanied by an entourage or about fifty kids. Some were in a band, playing their intruments. Some were school kids just running alongside. They walked to the stage from somewhere on the left, probably a fifty metre walk in all, but when Santa got to the stage, he tripped over as he clambered up the steps, and then sounded like he was about to pass out from over exertion from the walk. Marissa and I lost it laughing but I don't think the kids noticed.

Fireworks to end the night.

Back at Marissa's, we all enjoyed some Chocolate Mud Cake and warm Egg Nog.

My egg nog with lots of grated nutmeg.

Mr Pelle's expresso - gorgeous cup!

I stayed to give Teresa a hand with making Kristian's birthday cake. He turned four!

Teresa made a Philadelphia cream cheese cream spread.

Someone likes Ben 10!

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