Tuesday 29th December '09

Lunch at Work
Chicken Caesar Salad

With homemade dressing. Whole egg mayo, white wine vinegar and cracked black pepper.

Tonight Vernon and Victoria came over and we had a pizza night. I bought mini pizza bases and Victoria spread Leggo's tomato paste on each one. I prepared all the ingredients and we all went crazy throwing them on randomly.

ham, fresh basil from the garden, red capsicum, prawns,
red onion, pineapple slices, chopped garlic & lots of mozzarella!


For dessert, we used the remaining bases to make dessert pizzas.

Now, this is the first time I've attempted to make a dessert pizza. I was hoping to find some Nutella in the pantry but we didn't have any. So...I melted some chocolate chips and made a paste which Victoria spread over the bases. Then we sliced (overly) ripe bananas and layered them on. Victoria crushed some walnuts and we scattered them on. Last, a sprinkling of drinking chocolate.

Banana, Chocolate & Walnut Pizzas

Served with cream and vanilla ice cream.

Vernon sprinkled some Nerd candy on his.

They were actually really good!

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