Wednesday 2nd December '09


After a week of night shifts and bad call outs, I'm supposed to start work at 12noon today. However, I had to go in earlier to cover for one of the other girls in case she had a bad night out on call. I left work on time last night, got home and showered, had supper, and was in bed by 2:00am.

I tossed and turned for two hours before I got up, took a few sleeping tablets and went back to bed. It still took me another hour before I fell asleep. Needless to say, I couldn't get up as early as I had planned, but I still got to work by 10:00am.

I couldn't resist some Maccas on the way.

Maccas Hashbrown

Bacon & Egg McMuffin

I say, I was really happy with my Bacon & Egg McMuffin this morning! Usually they're badly assembled with the bacon burnt or the egg yolk split and hanging out of the muffin. Or all three put together to form a really messy burger with the taste of charcoal.

Not this morning. The egg was cooked right, the bacon was just how I prefer it - slightly cooked and not burnt to a crisp.

Me happy.

It was a looooong day and I was grateful when it was time to head home.

Free at at last!!

Lobster with Chilli, Garlic & Parsley
served with Buttered Rosemary Baked Potatoes
and Baby Asparagus Spears wrapped with Proscuitto

For the lobster, I peeled the meat out of the shell and sliced it up. In a small bowl, I placed some finely chopped parsley, chilli flakes and crushed garlic. I arranged the lobster meat on top and then drizzled some olive oil over it and put it into the oven with the potatoes that were just about ready. I also put the baby asparagus spears into the oven at the last minute so they weren't overcooked and still retained their crunch.

After dinner, I made myself a little platter and polished off a bottle of German riesling tonight and watched the two latest episodes of Stargate Universe that I had downloaded.

Dolmades, Sundried Tomatoes & Mr Pelle's Chorizo

What a wonderful start to my days off!

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