Saturday 23rd January 2010

Lunch at Work
Mum's Beans & Bacon Stirfry

I left work early and plopped straight into bed for a much needed two hour nap when I got home.


I made the just under 40km drive to Hoa's birthday tonight. I was looking forward to the hot, juicy lamb on a spit that Thuan enticed me with.

Looks like a greyhound...
Is this what happens to the ones that keep losing races?

Thuan carving up the lamb.

He carved all evening.

Every time I was offered lamb, I couldn't refuse!
I didn't look so out of place standing next to Ivan chewing on the leg.

To preserve someone's professional dignity, this photo speaks for itself.

Ivan was happy to be included in photos!

Hoa's birthday cake.

Happy Birthday!

I'm still eating lamb!
I don't think there's a photo of me not holding a piece of lamb.

The birthday girl =)

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