Sunday 3rd January 2010

Singapore - Day One

On the red-eye flight, I couldn't help but indulge myself with a nightcap.

Pure Blonde - AUD$7
Pringles - AUD$4

This must have been the first flight that I've been on in years that didn't have young children bawling and wailing during the trip. I was able to get a few hours of shut-eye on and off.

Upon arriving in Singapore at about 5:30am, I took a taxi and headed straight to the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel where Benoit, Ivy and his family are staying at. I showered, then settled down with my laptop, insisting I didn't need any sleep. After about an hour or so, I myself nodded off.

After we'd all gotten our beauty sleep, we headed out to the East Coast Seafood Centre to try to find lunch before they fly home to Perth. We were after chilli crab!

1202 East Coast Parkway, #01-04 East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore

Benoit and I checked out their live seafood range.

What the-??
These are geoducks flown in from Canada. They look...unappetising...

We ordered a banquet menu -

Super Deluxe Live Scottish Bamboo Clam Seafood Menu - SD$148 for 3-4 people.

Steamed Live Scottish Bamboo Clams with Minced Garlic

Oh My God - These were absolutely beautiful! Everyone was so enthralled with the tender juicy flesh of these clams. I bought some frozen from an Asian store and cooked them once but they turned out rather rubbery. I've been meaning to try them in a restaurant for some time now, and these were just gorgeous!

I had fresh Watermelon Juice, Benoit had Coke,
and everyone else had fresh Coconut Juice.

House Specialty Prawns

These prawns were fried with oatmeal and were really juicy! I almost didn't mind having to peel them!

Large Chilli Crab

The restaurant claims its house specialty is the Black Pepper crab, but we all preferred to have the Chilli Crab and they were more than happy to oblige. The sauce was sooo thick and spicy. We were all falling over each other to get at the sauce with our mantou.

Fried Mantou

These are fried bread rolls that you eat with the crab - especially good for wiping up all the sauce! You can have them steamed of fried. I think I prefer them fried.

Clams with Wolfberry & Spinach

A nice refreshing vegetable dish after all the oily ones!

Garlic Beef Stirfry

Benoit didn't feel like seafood so he ordered this. More for us!

Fried Rice with Silver Fish & Bean Sprouts

Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream

These came served perched ontop of glass bowls housing dry ice to keep them cool.

The restaurant also gave us a few complimentary jelly desserts since we had ordered the banquet for four people, and there were six of us. How nice!

After the Howkimkams had left for the airport, I set out to do a bit of shopping. In the department store of Isetan, they were having a sale on Le Creuset cookware. I couldn't resist buying myself something! They have such an extensive range of products in Singapore.

Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore

Ion Orchard is one of the new high-end fashion shopping malls in Singapore. There are various eateries scattered throughout the mall. This one that I met my Aunty and cousins in serves Cantonese cuisine. They certainly spared no expense for the decor inside. The food was great too. I'm not sure whether my cousin ordered a banquet set menu for us or individual dishes.

A little starter - pickled vegetable with a slice of...pork?

Fried Carrot Cake

Spicy Chicken with Century Egg

Chicken & Corn Soup

Zhi Heng - my cousin's son.

Fried Tofu with Silver Fish

Cucumber Salad

Roast Chicken

Prawns in Wasabi Dressing & Caviar



Some of the photos weren't entirely in focus because my Aunty took some getting used to my food papparazzi ways.

TWG Tea Company

This tea "salon & boutique" is also found in Ion Orchard. David took my Aunty and I there for a cuppa (actually about six cups!) after dinner. It's a gorgeous little boutique in the centre of the mall enclosed in glass walls. There are tins of tea lining all the shelves and a range of macaroons are available, as well as some other various desserts.

I ordered the "Sexy Tea".

We shared a Berry Eclair...

..and some Macaroons.

The teapots are housed in a metal casing that they claim prolongs the time the tea stays warm so you can take your time sipping before the tea gets cold.

Back at the hotel, I went for a walk in the nearby streets and found a few hawker stalls open 24hrs. I ordered some food and stopped at the 7-Eleven to get drinks and walked back to the hotel.

Duck Noodles - SD$3.5
Tiger beer - SD$3.95

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