Monday 4th January 2010

Singapore - Day Two

I met my cousin Malcolm for lunch today at a hawker centre near his workplace.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Boiled Eggs and Tofu

Tea Tarik - SD$0.80 each
You can see the layer of condensed milk at the bottom of each glass.

Afterwards, I headed to the Bugis Street Markets.

Fish Balls on a stick! SD$1.5

fresh Coconut Juice - SD$1.5

Decorations for Chinese New Year are already being sold.

SUSHI TEI at Vivo City

I met up with my cousins for dinner.

Seafood Salad




Fried Rice with Crab Meat

assorted Nori Rolls

Ben & Jerry's at Vivo City

I had the chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Jit Hiang had the Banana Split.


Back at the hotel, I dropped my day's shopping onto the bed and decided to take a photo. This is all the stuff I bought today...yesterday's shopping is in the closet.

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