Tuesday 12th January 2010

Singapore - Day Nine

Today is my last day in Singapore. I fly home in the afternoon. There's just one more thing I have to do before my holiday is complete.

I got dropped off on Sentosa at one of my favourite places in the world.


After careful deliberation, I made an appointment for the Singapore Flower Ritual treatment.

"Surrender to the peace and tranquility of a private garden pavillion where fragrant flowers sweetly scent the air. The treatment begins with a deep-pressure dry massage in an outdoor massage pavillion to soothe weary muscles, after which a special preparation of local herbs and flowers is gently rubbed into the skin. Then enjoy an aroma massage to moisturise the skin and induce further relaxation. A revatilising soak in a sweet-smelling frangipani filled tub and an elixir of calming tea completes the cycle of blissful reawakening."

The package included:
10 min pebble foot bath
45 min deep-pressure dry massage
45 min jasmine coriander scrub
60 min aroma massage
20 min frangipani bath
healthy lunch sandwich

I was looking forward to having the treatment in an outdoor pavillion, but unfortunately there was some construction work going on nearby so it would have been more annoying than relaxing having the treatment outdoors. As always, the staff were extremely polite, non-invasive and professional.

For lunch, I walked through the spa gardens to the Garden Restaurant where I sat by the pool to enjoy my healthy meal.

Tuna "Pancake"
red cabbage, cumin yoghurt, teff pancake, shredded apples & mint

Root Vegetable Crisps on the side.

Basil, Fetta & Cucumber Smoothie

This was a rather unusual mixture of ingredients, but I have to say it was really light and refreshing!

This really is the perfect way to end a holiday.

My cousin came to pick me up from the spa to drive me to the airport. The weather had started off warm, with the sun darting in and out from behind cloud cover for moments of brief sunshine, but overall it was a warm, tropical humid day. However, as I waited outside the front of the spa, I was greeted with the resident peacock and a tropical downpour.

At the airport, Jit Hiang bought me some Kaya Toast and Tea Tarik.

Now, normally I'm not a big fan of kaya. Just imagining the taste in my mind is enough to satiate any desire for kaya. But this kaya was nice and eggy.

There were no tears this time as I headed through the security gates into the gate room. Even though there's the impending doom of a home loan for me to look forward to when I get home, I know somehow I'll work things out to be able to make these annual trips to Singapore. Even if it's just for a weekend getaway.

On the plane, I couldn't resist getting the hot meal.

Lasagne - AUD$10
Nottage Hill Sauvignon Blanc - AUD$7

The lasagne was pretty awful, I have to admit. But I got through most of it because I was hungry and it wouldn't be until midnight until I could get home and have some real food.

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