Friday 12th February 2010

We spent the first few hours of work simply talking about food.

Sponge cake with jam and cream.
Donutes with jam and cream.
Red Rooster.
Chicken Treat.
Hot chicken rolls.
Grilled fish.
Fish and chips.

The list goes on.

Needless to say, we worked ourselves up to the point where our stomachs were growling and I had to call in a favour with Ramona to do a coffee and pie run for me when she started work at noon.

Morning Tea at Work
Proscuitto Caesar Salad

Lunch at Work
Jesters Spud Deluxe Pie

After several bites, all I revealed was mashed potato. Creamy, delicious mashed potatoes. I began to suspect that perhaps Ramona had gotten me a mashed potato pie. But no, a few more bites later I could just make out the rest of the filling - beef mince gravy, bacon and cheese. *drool*

I needed some chocolate. I searched my locker and found one that's shaped like some reagent cards that we use in the lab. It was produced by the company Diamed, who supplies diagnostic laboratory materials to us. At some point they were giving these out in their showbags. Cute. They tasted even better. Dark chocolate.

I met up with Benoit and Ivy for dinner tonight.

Hay Street Mall, Perth CBD

Chuka Kurage
(seasoned Jellyfish) Ghunkan
Crispy Fried Chicken
Really crispy crumb
with juicy tender meat!
Not sure what this was...
Unagi (Eel) Nori?
Maguro (Tuna) Nigiri

cnr Murray Street and Barrack Street, Perth CBD

This cafe used to be the chocolatier. I would always pop in to buy some lollies whenever I was in the city. Now it's a neat, tidy looking cafe. We went there after dinner. Firstly, we began ordering and then a middle-aged Asian woman came up to the counter and started rattling off her order. The counter staff thought she was with us so she continued to take the lady's order, thinking she was ordering for us. Ben did say something along the likes of "We're not together" but she obviously didn't hear us. We could only wait, tapping our feet impatiently. I was rather irked. How rude.

Anyhow, we ordered our coffees and sweets and then went to the far end of the cafe to sit. Our sweets were brought out first.

Then Ivy's coffee.

Then mine.

The presentation is gorgeous and professional.
Too bad I asked for a soy macchiato and what I got was more like a latte.

Benoit and Ivy shared the mud cake.


I was really in the mood for an eclair, but it was disappointing.
Dry and leaning towards the stale side.

The coffee didn't sit very well with me. I think they burnt the milk. Not going back there again.

They do offer free wireless for customers though. Up to forty minutes.

We popped in to see Long and his saltwater aquarium. While he's been away on holidays, the tank has been overtaken by algae.

I was trying to take a photo of something inside the tank, but with the camera on macro mode, all I could pick up was all the algae growing on the inside of the tank on the glass.

I spotted a hermit crab with algae growing off its shell!

Soooo cute!
Yes so keh lian.

It reminded me of those troll dolls that were in fashion back in the 90's.

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