Saturday 13th February 2010

I woke up today to find my favourite Chinese New Year biscuits on the kitchen table.

Bee's Nests

My Aunty across the road had made them. As the years go by, Mum gets less and less enthusiastic about spending hours on end making Chinese biscuits. They are alot of work. When we used to live up north in Goldsworthy (a small mining town in the Pilbara) Mum had to make alot of things. Nowadays, so many traditional Chinese foods are available in the Asian supermarkets. Although they don't taste quite as nice as the homemade variety, they do save alot of time and effort in today's busy times.

I remember we used to help Mum make pineapple tarts. In the first few years we lived in Perth, Mum would make the 'nian gao'. She even sold them in a local Chinese store one year! I love when she used to sliced it up, wedge a paddlepop stick into it, dip it into beaten egg and fry it like french toast. So delicious.

Since Mum wasn't feeling up to making dinner - steamboat requires a bit of preparation - we went out to eat at Burswood.

Roast Lamb dinner in the Emporium.

We were all running on tight schedules so it was a quick dinner in the food court. Afterwards, we went into the casino where I won $31 on my first bet on the Rapid Roulette and I was very quick to cash out! I would rather see the New Year in on a win than on a loss. The Chinese are very superstitious when it comes to matters of prosperity during the Chinese New Year.

Later, I went to a singles night at the Library Nightclub in Northbridge.

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