Sunday 14th February 2010

It's Valentine's Day and the first day of the Chinese New Year today.

After entertaining some visitors for the New Year at home, I headed out to visit Ivy at her parents' home.

We went for a drive, armed with a bucket of deep fried fish crackers.

After stopping by Veba's, we went for an afternoon snack at Macca's.

Ice cream!

With the weather being so beautifully warm, we stopped by Point Walter for some fresh air and a stroll.

You'll notice that we're wearing red. No, it's not because we were getting all lovey-dovey for Valentine's Day. Red is an auspicious colour to wear during Chinese New Year. It's for good luck, fortune, prosperity, scares away evil spirits, and so on and so on. When I was younger, my wardrobe consisted of mainly black so Mum was always horrified when we had to go out visiting relatives and would try to find us something coloured, if not red, to wear. Nowadays, I try to wear a bright colour, especially when visiting people because it's respectful to the tradition and culture. I wouldn't want to wish bad fortune on any of my friend's families!

Ivy's parents asked me to stay for steamboat for dinner. How could I refuse!?

I love Ivy's Mum's fried egg plant stuffed with fish paste.

What a nice, laid back way to spend a Sunday.

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