Monday 8th February 2010

Ham & Cheese Omelette

I made chicken and corn soup the other night and had some leftover egg yolks. I used them to make an omelette. Waste not, want not.

Lunch at Work
Garlic Prawns with Salad

I suppose everyone at work is now used to me returning from lunch with the smell of garlic on me. And they're used to salivating at the aromas that linger in the tea room after I'd had lunch in there.

Portuguese Roast Chicken
Potato Bake
& Salad

I seasoned some drumsticks with Masterfood's Portuguese Chicken spices
I tried the potato bake with lactose free cream tonight. It was good, but not as creamy as when I use cooking cream.
Baby spinach, rocket, beetroot and anchovies. I love anchovies!

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