Tuesday 9th February 2010

Tuna & Mixed Bean Salad

I brought in some Beef Bulgogi for the girls at work.

Afternoon Tea at Work
Salad with Chicken

I kept a drumstick from last night's dinner for work. I love to eat cold chicken. I used baby spinach, rocket, sliced white onion, sundried tomatoes and anchovies for the salad. I didn't bother with any dressing because the sundried tomatoes and anchovies came in oil and they lent their flavour to the salad.

I felt a migraine coming on Sunday night, and today it got unbearably worse. When you have a migraine, the last thing you need is the crappy lighting in the lab and having to sit infront of a computer, answering phone calls from annoying hospital staff! I got home, downed some prescription painkillers and dropped into bed.

I needed to throw some comfort food together when I woke up.

Spicy Bee Hoon soup with Beef Balls

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