Wednesday 10th February 2010

I stayed home today. Mostly in bed.

I finally got up to make something to eat. Cooking is a release for me. No matter how cranky, angry or upset I am feeling, cooking is a happy distraction for me. I can busy myself chopping vegetables. Finding spices. Keeping time in my head of what I need to add next. It's therapeutic.

I was so angry today. I got up thinking I could whack together a salad and cook the steak that I had in the fridge. But no. Mum has a really bad habit of pushing things to the back of the fridge. Where they FREEZE. I've told her countless times not to do this because once my steak freezes, there is no going back. It's okay if it's some chicken or some meat that she intends to use in a stirfry. But I eat my steaks medium-rare and once they're frozen and thawed out, they're not medium-rare-worthy. I buy my groceries with meal plans in mind, so when I go to the fridge to find that my chicken is a solid frozen lump, I get angry because I need to defrost it in the microwave to be able to use it right then and there. Aargh!!! I think I'll be putting my meat in Dad's fridge from now on. Yes, my parents have separate fridges. I am so tempted to go out and buy my own right now.

So, I was feeling rather shitty and had to calm myself down with the threat of my migraine returning. I made some soup for dinner instead.

I was leaning over the chopping board with the diced roma tomatoes and crushed garlic, when I got a whiff of both at the same time and a craving struck. I set aside some of the tomatoes to make a snack while I waited for my soup to cook.


I toasted a sliced of wholemeal bread, then scooped some diced roma tomatoes, red onion, crushed garlic, dressed with with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Garnish with a few fresh basil leaves.

Vegetable Soup with Pasta Shells

I sprinkled a generous amount of grated pecorino cheese onto my soup, but at my first bite, I knew something was wrong. I ran to the fridge and looked at the container of cheese. It was much fuller than it should have been.

Mum had topped it up with a container of cheese that she had found in the fridge - it was off!

I had to throw out my bowl of soup and the tub of cheese.

So angry.

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