Sunday 21st February 2010

So, it turns out that most of the girls at work are dim sum virgins! We must rectify that!

I took some of them out to dim sum today. We went to the Northbridge Chinese Restaurant on Roe Street, Northbridge. I ordered a whole range of dishes and most of them were delighted with the new experience. Some were reluctant and less adventurous when it came to the chicken feet though. Not a dining experience I'd recommend to someone who doesn't enjoy seafood since most of the dishes contain prawns.

Afterwards, I introduced them to the world of BUBBLE TEA.

From Northbridge, I drove to Fremantle for a wine tasting being held at the Fremantle Prison. It's the first time I've ever been there but I had no trouble finding it after getting some directions from the girls and checking the street directory. The weather was beautiful and made for some gorgeous photos.

After an enjoyable time tasting some delicious drops from Europe, I dropped in on Benoit and Ivy to help them with some kitchen renovations.

We went to dinner at the Golden King BBQ Restaurant on William Street, Northbridge. At least that's what I think it's called.

We had roast pork, BBQ pork, roasted duck and roasted chicken.
Accompanied with kai lan in oyster sauce.

We polished the food off, as you can see.

We had bubble tea (the second time for me today) for dessert.

What an awesome weekend.

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