Tuesday 23rd February 2010

Lunch at Work
Chorizo & Goats Fetta Salad with Balsamic Dressing
Continental's Creamy Chicken & Vegetable Soup

After work I stopped by at Golden King's BBQ Restaurant on William Street, Northbridge. I picked up some BBQ'd meats to take to Marissa's for dinner.

BBQ Pork & Roasted Pork

We broke out a bottle of wine and snacked on the pork.
I absolutely love love love pork crackle!!

Marissa had an assortment of Chinese New Year biscuits.

Teresa had some vegetable and fungi leftovers.
Yes, I say fungi because there were different mushrooms in it.

What's on the menu for dinner tonight? Marissa wanted to try some potatoless gnocci. All you need is flour and boiling water.

Equal measurements of flour and boiling water.



Roll out dough, cut into small gnocci sizes.

Create the gnocci shapes using a gnocci board.

It was so fun making the gnocci!

Cook the gnocci in salted boiling water.

Marissa made a bolognaise sauce to have with the gnocci.


Baklava and Expresso for dessert.

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