Wednesday 3rd February 2010

Aah, my days off work are finally here!

Chicken & Mushroom Farfalle

Tonight we had an impromptu dinner at Carvers at Burswood.

Roast Lamb - Oops! Wrong light setting!


There was a poor selection of desserts tonight. Mango mousse, pavlova without any topping, yellow jelly, cream...see an emerging pattern? You don't need any teeth to eat these desserts...and they're all lovely shades of yellow. Might have something to do with it being a Wednesday and pensioners getting their allowances today.

After dinner, went to the Spice Lounge for a drink.

When dropping Marissa off home afterwards, we couldn't resist an invitation to come inside for a cup of coffee. Her family and some friends were having a coffee so we joined them.

Some Italian sweets that Mrs Pelle baked.

I loved the meringues with almond slivers inside - yum!

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