Friday 12th March 2010


We woke up nice and early and met for breakfast in the hotel dining room. Full continental breakfast!

I am going to make it my mission to have eggs a different way each morning!

Omelette with Onion and diced Peppers, Chicken Sausages and Grilled Tomato.

Tropical Fruit Salad with Natural Yoghurt.

First on today’s agenda was an elephant trek!

The ride was heaps of fun and the elephants were gorgeous creatures! Meng and I rode on 13 year old ‘BMW’ (yes, that really was the name they gave her!!), while Ling and Shallen rode on BMW’s 8 year old son, Mario. It was an exhilarating ride, especially when BMW ploughed across two lanes of traffic to cross to the other side. At first I thought she was trying to run away! It certainly worked up our appetites by the time we got back to the hotel afterwards.


It became Meng’s challenge during our trip to try the ‘fresh’ mango juice everywhere we went. Some places made it with real fresh mango, others with frozen mango pieces, others just poured mango juice out of a carton or can into a glass with ice and called it ‘fresh’.

Shallen and I ordered fresh coconut juices - 80THB each

Ling was disappointed with his ‘raspberry’ juice. It was basically blue water.

We all ordered a nice light lunch since we were visiting the day spa afterwards.

Myself: fresh boiled shrimp with chilli and lemon - 130THB

Ling: spicy seafood salad with vermicelli noodles

Shallen: spicy beef salad

Meng: fried rice with shrimp

Ooh the food was delicious! My prawns were especially spicy so it was just as well that I had the coconut juice to wash it down with. I was expecting just perhaps four or five prawns in my dish, but out came at least ten good sized, fresh juicy prawns!

After our light lunch, we went to our day spa appointments. We each had different treatments, but we started off together in the steam room. My gosh, it was hot! I could feel the alcohol from last night just being sweated out. I had a massage afterwards, during which I became so relaxed that I dozed off for a bit. We were all sooo relaxed when we regrouped. Day spas are awesome!

A local street vendor we walked past.

All destressed, we headed out in search of some food! Meng and I couldn’t rave on enough about the seafood supper we had the night before, so we all settled quite happily on seafood for dinner.

We picked out the lobster and prawns that we wanted from the ice stand outside the restaurant. I love that they catch the seafood fresh each day, have it delivered to the restaurants and then they are displayed on a bed of ice until they are picked to be eaten. Love it!

Here’s my hand in the photo to give you an idea of how big the prawns were!

I’m disappointed that the lighting inside the restaurant was terrible so my photos all came out a bit green. I didn’t have time to fiddle around with the settings on my camera since we were all just drooling over the food and I didn’t want to hold everyone up any longer.

1.3kg lobster - 2700THB
8 large prawns - 1500THB

2 serves of Fried Rice with Crab - 220THB each

Morning Glory (Kang Kong) in Chilli - 150THB

We each had a different fresh Fruit Juice - 120THB each

We asked for the seafood to be served grilled. They seasoned it with beautiful, aromatic middle eastern flavours. We also had a deliciously tangy and spicy dipping sauce. I could taste fish sauce, lime juice and chilli in it. Just heavenly to dip the fresh prawn meat into!

In total, our dinner cost us 5270THB, which is equivalent to about AUD$180. Now just bear in mind that we’re on the tourist strip so we could get this meal much cheaper if we went more local!

After dinner, we went to Starbucks for a coffee.

I had a dopio with soy milk - 100THB

We strolled down to Bangla Road where all the bars are and had some happy hour cocktails.

We then hired a tuk tuk to the Simon Cabaret at 9:30pm. I had an awesome time clapping, bopping and singing along to the show. It definitely got very corny but it was an overall fantastic night and they catered to people from all different parts of the world with their ethnically diverse show. I want some of those gorgeous feathered costumes!!

After the show, we walked down the street to the street vendors we found yesterday for some supper.

Bee Hoon soup with Chicken Feet & Pork

We went back to Bangla Road for some drinks and Jenga, then called it a night by 3am. Eek!

Back at the hotel, Meng and I ordered room service. Couldn’t resist! The hotel has 24 hour room service available.

Spring Rolls with Shrimp & Vegies - 240THB

Thai Green Chicken Curry with Eggplant, served with Rice - 240THB

Meng ordered the Fried Rice - 220THB

The spring rolls, as you can see, were overfried but they still tasted good. The curry was rather nice, but I have to say I much preferred the one that Ling ordered last night. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the hotel food. It arrived promptly within half an hour and it was presented really well and good portions.

Aah to bed, to bed.

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