Saturday 13th March 2010


The day started off with a big breakfast at the hotel. We were in love with the hot soup noodles they were serving.

They had some blanched Asian greens, poached fish, two types of noodles (egg noodles and rice noodles), and a large pot of fish stock. We helped ourselves to make up our bowls of noodles as we pleased.

I didn't feel like noodles this morning so I just made up a bowl of soup with fish and Asian greens. They also had an array of different garnishes. I chose deep friend shallots, fresh chopped spring onions and chilli flakes.

This morning's egg is POACHED. It was done perfectly for me!

I finished with some fresh fruit.

We set out on a coach bus that would take us to Chalong Pier to catch a boat out to Coral Island. After a few detours, we were pretty frustrated but we still had our appetites. While waiting for other members of our group to join us, we noticed there was a mobile street vendor selling icecream right beside us. Meng and Ling jumped off the coach to check it out. They came back onboard and then Meng ordered some - through the coach window!

It was the lightest and most delicious ice cream I've ever tasted! It was definitely coconut, and perhaps a yam flavour?? The purple colour was sooo pretty! This cup cost 10THB

We got to the pier to find everyone else on the boat waiting for us. We were running because of some stuff up which meant we had to backtrack and pick up someone who didn't end up showing up. Aargh!

The island has beautifully shallow and clear waters. I could see the reef below and couldn't wait to go snorkelling. Our first stop was the Sea Walk, which I ecstatic to find is the same thing as the Helmet Safari that I did in Bora Bora last year. And this time, I am armed with an underwater camera!

I was a bit disappointed with the way they rushed us around in this walk. Instead of allowing us to explore on our own, they kept maneuvering us around despite me wanting time to look around and take photos. The experiences in Bora Bora was much more relaxed. Perhaps it's because the operators aren't able to speak English so they can't communicate with us about safety precautions. We had to read the instructions off a laminated colour chart on the boat. Luckily, I've been before so I could explain to the others what was involved.

After our exhilirating ocean walk, we went snorkelling in the shallow waters.

Back at the hotel on the mainland, we refreshed ourselves at the hotel and then headed out for dinner.

We walked into the downtown area and looked for the strip of outdoor restaurants that we spotted earlier during our travels down this road. We found them but then the decision needed to be made - which one are we eating at?

We decided to keep walking until we found one that didn't bug us or try to drag us in. I think it was the third or fourth one that we paused infront of, no one bugged us, so we decided to eat there. It ended up being a great choice too!

We went to the fresh seafood display and chose what we wanted. Now, I've never bartered over food before and I don't think it's quite right to do so when you're dining out, but because we were having our seafood selections weighed and then priced, I thought I'd give it a go. The worse that could happen would be for the girl to say "no" and me replying "ha ha, I was just joking!". So...I bartered on our first selection - the crab.

It worked! She happily discounted most of our seafood and we felt so pleased with ourselves as we sat back down to wait for our food to be cooked.

Bartering for dinner - SUCCESS!

Cockles cooked in chilli >1kg - 200THB

Prawns grilled ~1.2kg - 1500THB

live Crab cooked in chilli 800g - 800THB

Red Grouper steamed with Ginger & Soy 420g - 400THB

Papaya Salad (sml) - 150THB

Pineapple Rice with Seafood (lg) - 200THB

Vegetables (lg) - 150THB

The cost of dinner was 3400THB (minus the drinks) that's 850THB each person.

That's just under AUD$29 each for this huge seafood feast!!

We were given some dipping sauces. My favourite is the one on the left - chilli, fish sauce...don't know what else but I need to google a recipe!

My plate. Look at the size of the prawn compared to the crab claw!!

They gave us some complimentary fresh fruit for dessert.

After being well fed, we walked down the street and had dessert at Swensen's.

Shallen had the 'little prince' (on the right) from the kids menu.
I had the 'little princess' (on the left) with a scoop of 'Reversible Chocolate' - 75THB each

Meng's Waffle with Ice Cream

Ling was a pig.

But that's not all. We also had a coffee at Starbucks.

Not yet ready to call it a night, I went in search of somewhere for a nightcap. I walked along the road beside the beach and came across an outdoor restaurant where a live band was playing some carribean tunes. I stayed there till closing, enjoying my campari and sodas. I love that they served complimentary popcorn with drinks there!

On the walk back to the hotel, I stopped at a 7-eleven and bought a snack.

Spicy Mushroom Ramen in a cup - 45THB
Apple Juice - 15THB

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