Sunday 14th March 2010


Eggs fried Sunny-Side Up this morning!

They had 'DIY congee' this morning so I just had the soup stock with some spring onions, deep fried shallots and chilli.

I made up a small salad but I couldn't get through most of the vegetables because they were either dried out or bland.


This morning the guys went to do a rope walk so Shallen and I walked down to Patong Beach and spent half an hour on a jet ski. It was awesome!! Too bad I didn't take the camera with me so we don't have photos of us out on the water.

We dried off on the beach chairs (100THB each) under the umbrellas. It was far too hot to stay there long though, and we felt so salty because they don't have showers with fresh water to rinse off after a swim.

I mentioned that I was feeling hungry and this lady walked by selling bites to eat.

I call them Prawn Dogs.

We walked back to the hotel where we caught up with the boys. Perfect timing! We went down to the pool for lunch.

Myself: Mango & Prawn Salad - 220THB

Shallen: Spicy Beef Salad

Ling: Steak Sandwich

Meng: Pad Thai

Shallen loves her fresh coconut juice!

Tonight is the night we're each doing our own thing. I have to admit, there's not really much I want to do because it's rather touristy here in Patong and not to mention really really hot and sticky! I took my time getting ready and then headed out to The Port Restaurant. At 6pm I was the only person there so there weren't many waitstaff on. The one who did serve me and take my order did not speak or understand English well so the service was painstakingly slow and awkward to start off with.

Lobster Bisque - 200THB

The soup was pretty ordinary but there was a really generous amount of lobster meat!

I was rather disappointed to find that the linen napkins were rather stiff. I couldn't wipe my hands or mouth properly and they didn't provide paper napkins.

Georges Duboeuf Sauvignon Blanc, France - 1300THB

I was ordering as I went. I started dinner at 6:15pm and the live bands weren't coming on until 8:30pm. I had some time to kill.

What's next!?

I felt like some oysters.
They had some in the shell and I couldn't wait to eat them!

5 x Natural Oysters - 60THB each

I was amazed at how much meat was in the oysters! These are the largest oysters I've ever seen! They were shucked and brought to me with some ice to keep them cool. They also brought me a side plate with some little morsels to accompany the oysters.

Spicy chilli, lime & fish sauce dipping sauce.
Deep fried shallots, deep fried garlic, fresh garlic, deep fried chillies, fresh Thai herbs.

I couldn't quite catch the name of this Thai herb from the waitress but I'll try to google it.

The oysters tasted absolutely delicious by themselves, but I loved trying different combinations of the little accompaniments. I loved the deep fried shallots, garlic and chillies combination. The deep fried chillies were too hard to cut through with my butter knife, so I had to take a bite of it and then have the oyster.

After the oysters, I went to the front of the restaurant to select my next course from the fresh seafood display. I love being able to look at all the seafood and choose what quantity and which pieces I want. And how they're going to be cooked. I chose a small rock lobster and one huge prawn.

Rock Lobsters grilled - 105THB

Prawn grilled - 330THB

For dessert, I ordered the fruit platter and it was a monster of a platter! I managed to get through it all except for the rockmelon. I'm not a big fan of rockmelon. 180THB

I took to the stage later in the night when the band started playing a string of ABBA songs. We finished off the night with my request for AC/DC's 'You Shook Me All Night Long'.

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