Monday 15th March 2010


Yay! They have the 'DIY fish noodle soup' this morning at the hotel.

I had it with the rice noodles.

I enjoyed it so much, I had a second bowl!

Now for my daily egg.
I had it soft boiled this morning with salt and pepper.

After breakfast, we went out to look for some scooters to hire. Yes, that's right. Scooters!

Me and my ride!

We had a bit of a mishap right at the start,
but Meng got a delicious mango smoothie out of it!

Free to roam the streets, we drove down to Karon Beach and got lunch.

Myself: Thai Green Curry with Prawns served in a coconut! - 120THB

a serve of steamed rice - 30THB

Ling: Squid with Glass Vermicilli

Shallen: Prawns with Glass Vermicilli

Meng: Fried Kuay Teow

After lunch, we drove to Karon Beach.

Ling and I went parasailing - 1200THB per person for 7 minutes


Afterwards, Ling tried waterskiing.

After our water activities, we drove on and found markets!! We spent the next hour or so like little kids running around oohing and aahing at all the street food and counting out our change to buy and eat as much as we could. click on images to enlarge.

Apparently Meng asked how they stuffed the squid into the sausages when he saw this stall.
I think he can be forgiven for thinking this...

Shallen spotted these cute little sausages.

I tried these two crispy fried chicken feet - 10THB
They were really crispy and tasty! I had a bit of trouble chewing through the bones though but I did my best just gnawing the crispy skin away.

I found a stall with little crabs. I asked how they sold it and the lady told me in their mango salad. I bought some. It came in a plastic bag tied up. The crab was raw though because I tried to suck some of the meat out of the body but I wasn't able to get any. I couldn't be bothered trying to bite through their shells so I just ate the green mango. Love the dressing.

Green Mango & Crab Salad - 25THB

I found these deliciously aromatic steamed seafood baskets. I don't know quite what was in there, but it was sort like a light, fluffy otak otak mixture with seafood. Spicy, with coconut milk/cream on top. Steamed in a little banana leaf basket. My mouth is watering just remembering the texture and taste. I don't know what to call it, but it was sort of like a mousse.

Steamed Spicy Seafood Mousse - 25THB

Ling and Shallen bought some fresh Pad Thai

They also had this delicious rich soup with noodles. I tried the soup and it was divine!

They bought some sweets.

I bought three of these Pork Satay sticks - 9THB

We were in foodie heaven.

We spent most of the afternoon driving around on our scooters. We drove down to the south of the island to Rawai Pier, then back up the eastern coast to Phuket Town. On the way, we stopped at some night markets! click on image to enlarge.

Ling was excited to try some DEEPFRIED GRASSHOPPERS!! when we came across them. He got about three or four of them for 10THB.

I could only bring myself to try one of Ling's grasshopper legs.

I myself was only game enough to find the smaller fried cricket and eat that. It was surprisingly crunchy and tasty! I don't know whether they fry them in oil that's been used to fry other things like chicken or pork so the flavours from them are enfused into the crickets. Or whether fried crickets simply taste like that. Tasty!

After the markets, we crossed the street to get to the other side! We found a few street vendors that had set up some makeshift tables and were serving Chinese food! We were all thankful to get some food that resembled what we eat at home and that didn't contain traces of coconut milk or fish sauce.

Pork dumplings & sliced Pork Noodle Soup - 30THB

We hopped back onto our scooters and drove north into Phuket Town, where we drove up Rang Hill to the lookout. I loved the drive up the sloping, winding road.

We stopped at the top and checked out the view of Phuket below. There was a restaurant called Tunk-Ka that resembled a large treehouse and we stopped there for a cold drink.

The drive back down the hill was a bit less exciting for me. It's a bit scary at night and I had to be careful not to lose myself in the exhiliration of the ride. Had to concentrate on braking around those sharp bends!

We drove into Phuket Town.

We parked right opposite a KFC so I had to go in and buy a drumstick. I forget how much it cost...but it tasted just like they make them here in Perth. Deliciously hot, crispy and juicy.

We had supper in a hawker centre we found. I wasn't hungry yet so I just had a juice.

We then drove back to Patong Beach and we all retired to our rooms to shower and then we all congregated in one room and I ordered room service.

Campari & Soda - 195THB

Hawaiin Pizza with Prawns - 330THB

Cream of Asparagus Soup - 220THB

The soup was delicious! And the pizza was good too. I didn't read the menu properly so I didn't realise it had prawns but they were a nice addition. They weren't those cheap frozen little shrimp that you'd expect. They were plump, juicy fresh prawns.

I am just so happy that we are all such big lovers of food. It's even better that we aren't afraid to get down and dirty with the local foods and street vendors. The scooters was definitely a terrific idea. It allows us to be more mobile and free with where we want to go, especially with such a short time left. We can drive around and explore the real Phuket. Not just the touristy areas. We can see how the locals live. Eat what they eat. Loving it!

Ahh...what a wonderful day.

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