Tuesday 16th March 2010


Aah...our last full day here in Phuket.

Eggs poached today.

Natural Yoghurt with Muesli & Dried Mango

After breakfast, we went for a Starbucks coffee while we discussed our day's plans. We decided to drive out to a waterfall first. It was a scenic drive but when we got there, we were rather disappointed that it's the wrong time of year to be visiting a waterfall. It's the dry season and there was nothing more than a trickle of water once we climbed the millions of steps to the top.

On our scooters again, we headed out to the Big Buddha. The drive up the sloping hill was awesome!!

Afterwards, we stopped at a little eatery halfway down the hill for lunch.


I had the Fried Rice with Chicken - 140THB

Meng's Prawn Curry looked so yum!

On the road again, we drove back to Patong Beach for our day spa treatments at the Spa Burasari. We thought, what better way to relax and indulge ourselves before our trip comes to an end?

I skipped the steam room today and instead had a long, cold shower before my deep tissue massage. Of course, I fell asleep during it and woke up all relaxed. I napped lightly while I had my manicure and pedicure. I was a bit disappointed in the way they 'trimmed' my nails and cuticles. I have to say, the manicure treatments in Singapore are far better.

After our spa treatments, we were reluctant to head back out into the humid weather but we weren't going to sit around the hotel doing nothing on our last night. Need to make the most of it!

We drove back to Phuket Town and had a huge seafood feast at the hawker centre we were at last night.

Morning Glory fried in Chilli

Chicky Curry

Fried Fish with Green Peppercorns

Crispy Fried Prawns

Egg Omelette


Steamed Whole Fish

Our dinner cost us 1280THB in total!
That's only 320THB per person...
Which is about AUD$10.80 each!!

On the way back to our scooters, I spied some bamboo clams and was a bit disappointed I hadn't spotted them before to order some for dinner. I remember having them in Singapore earlier this year.

We eventually drove back to Patong Beach and returned our scooters to the Lamai Inn. I was sad to hand back the keys. I loved being a rev-head for the last two days. We had to walk back to the hotel.

On the way, we stopped at the 7-eleven and decided we wanted to have an instant noodle night. We each bought one or two instant noodle cups and met up in our room to dine together.

I had instant vermicilli.

Shallen made it for me by adding the oils and the flavouring sachets.
Then the hot water, covered it for a few minutes and then time to eat!

After everyone had gone to bed, I stayed up and took my time to pack my things. I finally got into bed to eat a cup of instant porridge.

Chicken flavoured 'Jok'

I emptied all the contents in this sachet.
Added hot water.
Let it sit for a few minutes.

I let it sit too long while I was packing, so I had to stir for a while to break up all the clumps that had formed. I got into bed to eat it!

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