Sunday 28th February 2010

The night shift really takes its toll on you towards the end of the week.

I grabbed a medium Quarter-Pounder value meal on the way.

I have been eating crap all week on the night shifts! Biscuits, chips, instant noodles, chocolate, lollies. Tonight was no different.

I bought these wafer biscuits from Woolworths a few weeks ago and have kept forgetting to try them.

They're tiramisu flavoured wafers and they have
coconut in them which make them so delicious!

After work, I looked through the pantry. Nothing.

I looked in the fridge. Nothing.

Freezer. Nothing that could be defrosted quick enough to satiate my hunger.

I ended up with some chorizo
and kruskits with salmon cream cheese.

Needless to say, I wasn't full. I looked in the pantry again. Aah - one of my favourites that I haven't had in a while. While most of the food on my blog may appear really gourmet and time consuming to cook, I still enjoy the simple things in the pantry.


I can eat spam fried or just as it is. Hunger appeased.

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