Monday 1st March 2010

We only just broke into the year 2010 not long ago...and suddenly it's March.

Unfortunately for me, I have one of those jobs that requires me to work despite it being a public holiday. Fortunately for me, I have friends that are flexible enough so I can still catch a glimpse of them amid my busy work schedule.

We went for dim sum at the Northbridge Chinese Restaurant,
Roe Street, Northbridge.

We waited for a while...
but I finally found a trolley offering chicken feet!

With the outside heat in the high thirties, we sought some reprieve at Icey Ice on William Street, Northbridge.

Benoit and Ivy shared a Mango Shaved Ice dessert.

We drove to Matilda Bay in convoy to laze in the shade.

Of course, we got the nibblies.
Fish & Chips!

Giant Ice Cream!

I really didn't want to go to work tonight. It was incredibly busy for a public holiday and I didn't bring any dinner. I went to rummage through my locker and found an emergency can of soup.

Campbell's Chunky Beef Soup

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