Sunday 7th March 2010

I stayed the night at Benoit and Ivy's place and got up early to make breakfast. I bought the Coles brand 'shake to make' pancake batter. All you need to do is add 350mL of cold water, shake vigorously for a few minutes, and then cook the pancakes in a well greased non-stick pan.
The pancakes didn't quite turn out circular because the pan I used wasn't entirely flat and the batter was running towards the centre each time I poured out the pancakes. I recommend investing in a good quality crepe pan for the kitchen. I myself will soon be in search of one.

I served the pancakes with sliced fresh bananas,
some mixed berries that I heated over the stove,
and lashings of golden syrup.

We drove up to Yanchep Lagoon for a day of snorkelling. It was absolutely amazing weather.

In my opinion, no day at the beach is quite complete without a round of fish of chips!

Fish and Chips from the Top Catch at Hillary's.

Guys, a wonderful day!

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