Wednesday 10th March 2010

Hello Dear Readers,

Yes, you've probably been thinking that I've been slack with the posts recently and you'd be half right. I've just returned from a week holidaying in Phuket and am trying miserably to adjust back to ordinary life in Perth. It doesn't help that I'm being thrown straight into a week of night shifts and my washing machine is out of order.

Anyhoo...time to play catch-ups!

At the airport we discovered, much to our dismay, that our flight was delayed so we went and hung out infront of the bar where I had a few beers and pizza.

Hawaiin Pizza from Eagle Boys

A new friend at the check-in desk helped us get some seats with arm room. We want first class next time!

Nasi Lemak

I actually thought that being airplane food that all I was going to get was some coconut infused rice, some roasted peanuts and several ikanbilis with the chilli. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was some fried fish, slices of fish cake, some beans, a generous helping of chilli, and a separate container with the nuts and ikanbilis. I don't like the nuts, and Meng doesn't like the ikanbilis, so it worked out really well that we were sitting beside each other. Look at my mountain of ikanbilis!!

After half an hour of strong turbulence, I was feeling too queasy to enjoy my nasi lemak. I ate reaaaally slowly and could only manage the ikanbilis and beans. The coconut in the rice made me feel even more queasy. Way to start the holiday! Bad turbulence! Bad!

Singapore stopover, here we come!

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