Saturday 17th April 2010

In keeping with our 'Active April' regime, we went indoor rock climing this morning at

the Hangout - 12 White Street, Bayswater 6053

Again, I think we overestimated our 'level of buffness' and were exhausted after a few hours. It was rather fun though and a great test of endurance and will power. I think I lacked the latter and was content to even reach two thirds of the way up!

672 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley 6050

After our morning's workout, we all eagerly ordered the fish and chips. It took a while for the food to arrive, and I have to admit I was disappointed to see that my fish was burnt and my chips were looking a bit overdone. The dressing was gorgeous though! It was a light, lemony mayonnaise.

249B Albany Highway, Victoria Park 6100

Before dinner, we sat across the street from the restaurant to enjoy a coffee and rejuvenate ourselves.

252 Albany Highway, Victoria Park 6100

I've eaten here many years ago and remember it was a rather average restaurant serving Italian food and woodfire pizzas. We ordered several pizzas to share.

We had the Gourmet Seafood, Gourmet Italian, Gourmet Pollo and Satay Chicken.

It's hard to go wrong with woodfire pizzas but tonight when we were close to finishing our meal, one of us discovered a hair in the pizza. It was embedded into the dough base. *shudder

The manager was good in not charging us for the pizza, and with the discount from the Entertainment Book, it was a really inexpensive dinner! We ordered several pizzas to share.

I also ordered a bottle of wine but we were rather horrified to find that it was a cleanskin that they had relabelled as theirs and were charging $25 for it. Misleading and deceitful, in my opinion.

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