Sunday 4th April 2010

Marissa invited me over for dinner tonight. While we caught up with our usual chatter, I helped her with the appetisers.

Cheese Platter
4 types of cheese: Tasty, Gouda, Camembert & some sort of Soft Cheese with Herbs
slices of Smoked Salmon
Mr Pelle's homemade Chorizo
Sakata Crackers

Melba Toast with Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon & fresh Dill

Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Lemon & Myrtle Dukkah

Teresa arrived home with some freshly baked Turkish Bread.

We shared a bottle of wine I brought. It's a German one that I call 'Blue Bottle' and I fell in love with it at a recent wine tasting. Any one interested in doing a free wine tasting?

Tomato & Basil Linguine

Marissa cooked dinner tonight. She made a very simple tomato and basil sauce and it was amazing! I took the longest to eat mine as I was relishing every single mouthful. We sort of worked out way backwards. We began with the pasta and then worked our way through the cheese platter and appetisers.

After dinner, Teresa brought out some pickled peppers to aid digestion. I love pretty anything that's pickled. These were delicious! I think I enjoy vinegar too much. My mouth is watering as I remember the taste. Crisp, sweet and spicy.

We relaxed infront of the TV with some tea and, as always, I was armed with some of the pasta to take to work for lunch tomorrow. Whee!

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