Wednesday 14th April 2010

Lunch at Work
Garlic & Parsley Chicken Mignon
Roasted Potatoes

I prepared this chicken mignons last night. In a zip lock bag, I combined some butter, crushed garlic and chopped fresh parsley. I snipped off one of the corners of the bag to create a piping bag!

Squeeze a bit of the garlic & parsley butter onto each mignon and roast them in the oven for about thirty minutes at 180C.

I also baked some potatoes with the mignons. The resulting pan juices were oh so so delicious! Buttery pan juices infused with garlic, parsley, and the taste of chicken and bacon. *drool*

After having some terrible news announced at work today, I was in desperate need of some comfort food when I got home. I had some camembert with a glass of wine while preparing dinner. Cooking is such a wonderful distraction.

While waiting for my food to cook, I couldn't help snacking on some of the stirfry Mum made. She was so delighted with it - apparently one of her friends has grown this very hard to find melon or gourd and gave her one. You can't find it at the shops. I saw it briefly before it was all chopped up. It looked like a bitter gourd but it tastes like choko. Mum fried it with prawns and it's such a great combination as you still get the flavour of the melon. Delicious!

Simba was hungry for his dinner. I can't believe how fast we go through his cans of dog food! I bought a large can of CHUM yesterday and I gave him some of this tonight. As I was mashing it up with some rice, I couldn't help but fall in love with the smell! Yes, I quite like the smell of some of the dog food we feed Simba. This CHUM smelled so didn't take me long to realise it smelt like SPAM!

Vegetable Soup with Pasta Shells

Linguine with Bacon in a Rich Tomato Sauce

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