Sunday 16th May 2010


Another day, another breakfast.

Benoit ordered his eggs over easy.

After breakfast we packed up our belongings, checked out of the house and hit the road. We wanted to try our hand at archery or mini golf but the skies opened up with rain and we were forced to move on.

We took a different route home and passed through Harvey. We stopped to taste some cheese. I bought a really delicious cheese and will post it later when I eat it!

Feeding a goat!
"Please, don't eat my fingers!"

In Bunbury we took a break for lunch.

Bunbury - can't be bothered looking up the address!

Ben and Ivy shared a Fish & Chips.

The rest of us shared a combo meal.
Battered fish, crab sticks, prawn cutlets, calamari rings, and what I think are little fish cakes.

It also came with a bowl of chips, salad and a 1.25L drink.
Great value for $30!

Back in Perth we stopped at Veba's Aquarium store before finally heading home. I am soooo exhausted from the trip but I had heaps of fun. So much for a weekend of R & R though!! I'm glad I have the next two days off work to recover!

A big bowl of Bee Hoon Soup with Fish & Wombok for dinner.

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