Sunday 13th June 2010

Mum, Jocelyn and I went out for dim sum today. I'm surprised I managed to get myself out of bed!

66 Francis Street, Northbridge

First thing's first - HAR GOW! I was disappointed with their har gows. The pastry was sloppy and slipped right off the prawn dumpling when we attempted to pick them up.

I usually don't order tripe because not many will help me eat it, but today since Mum was there, I ordered it! It was a bit tough and chewy. They really should have cut them into smaller pieces because we couldn't manage to bite through them. We were rather let down but still chewed our way through them. I do love my offal!

Mum was impressed with their chicken feet. I quite liked them too, as you can tell from the remains on my plate.

I do enjoy the spacious seating downstairs. Much more preferable than being seated upstairs in their karaoke bar. The food came out quickly and was still warm when we bit into them. Overall a rather pleasant lunch. It's not often that we get together, I'm usually too tired after the night shift to get up, Jocelyn's not home, or Mum would rather eat at home.

Lamb Chops with Panfried Potato

I didn't bring dinner to work with me so all I had was a cup of instant noodles. I was famished by the time I managed to get home! Mum had marinated some lamb chops in the fridge which I fried with some sliced potatoes. Need some carbs! I'm pretty sure I could taste five spice on the lamb.

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