Sunday 6th June 2010

Aiyaiyai! Too much tequila and absynth for this senorita last night! I got up about midday and spent the rest of the day on the couch at Benoit and Ivy's place nursing a hangover infront of the TV. Benoit's dad made a massive pot of congee. At about 6pm, it was the first bit of food I had that day.

Richard's Congee with Century Egg

We had a really lazy day, but we went out in the evening.

We stopped by at IGA to pick up some ingredients for dessert.

  • 1 can of mango halves
  • 2 sheets of frozen shortcrust pastry
  • 1 carton of premade custard

    At Kenny and Jeanette's place, we set to work. It was a team collaboration making this tart. I blind baked the pastry, Benoit worked on the filling, I reduced the syrup that the mangoes came in with some sugar to make a sauce, Ivy took photos and helped with the pastry work, I sliced the tart up, Benoit plated up, Kenny dusted with icing sugar, and we all ate it!
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