Sunday 11th July 2010

112 Mill Point Road, South Perth

We went for a late, lazy lunch here this afternoon.

It was two guys, a girl and a pizza place!

We ordered wedges.
They came with aioli, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

We also ordered a couple of pizzas.

Alas! We misjudged our hunger and I have to say, I am rather shocked at how little we managed to eat. I asked to have the food packed up to take with us but the waitress said they were not allowed to do takeaway. I asked if it was okay if we took it home for the dog. She said no, rather apologeticaly.

We wasted a whole pizza.

How ridiculous is that?? I understand that there is a need to be careful with allowing patrons to take leftovers home because if the food is kept in adverse conditions, the patrons can come back to the restaurant and complain of food poisoning. However, I have been to restaurants where they simply ask you to sign a disclaimer to avoid such claims and this allows us to take leftovers with us. I have asked for bones to wrapped up for me to take home for my dog before and not been refused.

Not happy Jan.

Kok came over for dinner so I threw together something quick so we could make it to the movies in time.

Spaghetti with Tuna

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